Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poet Jeff Brown

Poet Jeff Brown

Let's start getting your shine on. Who are you?

My name is Robert Jeffrey ( Jeff) Brown aka Poeticsoldier

When did you realize you had a passion for writing?

I realized that I had a passion for words when I was Junior High School when I was helping some of my friends write notes to girls.

All writers adore words. Describe your love affair with writing.

I love words because the words can pain pictures in the minds and hearts of people. Words are able to draw someone into the world of the writer. Words can also be used to express a persons affection, desire, passion and fantasies.

Name two poets with whom you share similar writing styles.

I really admire Langston Hughes and Maya Angelo

What makes them similar

The things that makes us similar is the passion that they express in their poems. Their poems reaches out and grabs the reader making you sit up and pay attention

Name and thank one poet, dead or alive, that has been instrumental in inspiring you to write.

Langston Hughes

Now let's get to the nitty gritty. What does your audience look like?

That is a tough questions because I have found that audience consist of women of all ages , backgrounds, geographical locations, and races. I have some something for everyone, erotic, uplifting, and self awareness.

New authors usually lack the business knowledge of writing. What has been the most valuable lesson you've learned about things beyond the page?

I still consider myself as young because I still trying to get myself published.

Give me one to four lines that will make us go 'hmmm.'

Cum see what lie's in between and underneath the outer shell of a Southern brother like me. As the blood pumps through these veins of mine shooting adrenaline from every side. As the oxygen causes my life to live the wisdom will always be revealed. Unshaken and unbreakable the poetic word will shape the world.

What advice would you give an aspiring poet regarding publishing?

The one thing that I have found out is that if you want to get yourself published you have to pro-active and think out side the box.

Show me some skills. In fifty words or less, what is poetry to you?

What is poetry to me?

Spoken words

Is away to speak without opening my mouth to express the words that sometimes evades me when I am with that special person. It is a direct line into the heart and mind of the poet

Tickle my ears with your words spoken softly. As your caressing words soothe my soul gently touch my surface. That strokes my dormant desires; those spoken words have been longed for to break the silence in my heart. As your words form in your mind I want to be there from the start. The words that you use must be chosen carefully to ensure that they convey your heart. Spoken Words!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Thanks for interviewing with us Jeff! It was truly a pleasure

    DJ Frazier



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