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Author Dywane D. Birch


It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you one of my (Dj Frazier) personal favorite authors, Dywane D. Birch. He is the author of When Loving You is Wrong, Shattered Souls, From My Soul to Yours, and was a part of the anthology Another Time, Another Place: Five Novellas. Today he's getting his shine on and introducing us to his upcoming release Beneath the Bruises.

Tell us a little bit about you outside of being an author.

Okay, this is always the part of interviews I like the least. But, I’ll say this: socially speaking, besides being an author, I love traveling to Europe and Egypt. Professionally speaking, I have a master’s degree in psychology and I am a clinically certified forensic counselor, which is just a fancy title for someone who is credentialed to work with offenders in prison-or community-based settings. I’m also a former director of an adolescent crisis shelter, and currently work with adult offenders of domestic violence, as well with adolescents remanded to a youth detention center.

What is your earliest writing memory?

My earliest writing memory is writing in a journal when I was eleven years old. However, writing was never something I aspired to do.

Why do you write?

Honestly, I write to enlighten, entertain, and encourage others. I understand the power of words, so knowing that I am able to touch someone else in some way (no matter how big or small) with my words is what keeps me inspired to write.

What feelings do you experience once you are satisfied with your completed manuscript(s)?

I typically experience a feeling of relief once I am satisfied with a completed manuscript. It’s like WHEW, I’m finally done!

You have the great ability to write, true to form, in a female voice. Besides studying your craft, who else played a part in shaping this skill?

To keep it real with you, I don’t study the craft of writing, never have. However, I guess I should give credit to my mother, aunts, sisters, female companions, and those women who have been a part of my life in some form or fashion for allowing me to listen to them and really hear them. Other than that, I really believe my ability to write in female voice is a gift.

Tell us a little bit about your work in progress and/or your upcoming release.

My most recent project releases November 4th. It’s titled Beneath the Bruises, and it’s an inspiring and touching story about a thirty-something year old mother of five who is trapped in an abusive marriage, but with counseling she is able to find her voice and begin to heal through the power of self-love, self-acceptance and self-discovery. I’m actually really excited about it.

I'm a big believer that word of mouth creates more sales than advertisements. Let's say I've never read any of your books before, how would you pitch your latest release to me if we were standing in a checkout line?

Yes, I agree. Word of mouth is the greatest seller. Speaking of which, I need to thank YOU for being a big supporter of my literary work, and always spreading the word. I truly appreciate the love! Okay, so back to the question. If you were in a checkout line I would pitch my latest book by saying, “hello, my name is . . . if you are looking for a fast-paced, in-your-face book that is filled with drama and steamy sex, then I have just the book for you. It will make you laugh, cry, scream out loud, and wanna slap somebody all in one sitting, and still have you hanging onto the edge of your seat for more. And after you have finished reading it, if you honestly don’t like what you’ve read, I will personally send you your money back.” Then I would flash you my mega-watt smile. lol

How important are book reviews to you?

Good, bad, or indifferent, I believe book reviews are very important. It helps stir interest in your books, and it also gives me the opportunity to honestly consider what is being said/written about my works. I want to know what others think/feel about my writing. I am not able to grow as a writer without honest, constructive feedback.

What authors influence your writing dreams, goals and aspirations?

I cannot say that my writing dreams, goals or aspirations are (or have been) influenced by any other authors. I don’t know if I should feel some kind of way about that, but it’s my truth—and my reality.

What books would you recommend on writing?

I probably should be embarrassed to say this, but I can’t make one recommendation for a book on writing. I’ve never used one. I probably should pick one up, but I haven’t felt the need to. Nor have I ever taken any writing classes.

If you could change one thing you did during your road to publication, what would it be and what would you have done different?

I wouldn’t change one thing. My road to publication has been a very interesting and fulfilling one. That’s not to say that there haven’t been some disappointments and frustrations along the way. But, for the most part, everything I have done thus far has been on my own terms. And, overall, it has been a beautiful journey. One I am still travelling and learning from.

What advice would you give an aspiring author?

I would tell any aspiring author to be patient, set realistic goals, be tenacious, be open to criticism, and write for all the right reasons, whatever they may be.

Where can readers learn more about you and your books?

Well, there’s not much about me readers will learn, but they can definitely learn more about my books by going onto, or

Off Topic

The last book I read was: the galley for Allison Hobbs’s “Big Juicy Lips: Double Dippin’ 2”

The last CD I purchased was: Wow, it’s been a minute. I think it was Meshell Nd├ęgeocello’s “The World Made Me the Man I Am”

My biggest distraction is: Hmm. Nothing comes to mind. I’m typically a focused being.

My guilty pleasure is: *hangs head* Expensive, designer shoes.

The one thing I want people to know about me is: that I am a private man (with flaws) who strives to be the best that I can be; that I love (and live) life to the fullest with no regrets, and no excuses. Okay, okay, I know, that was more than one thing.

Thanks for extending this interview. And, again, I thank you for your continued support of my literary endeavors, and for spreading the word to whoever will listen. I am sincerely grateful.

Until the next time . . . peace, love & happy reading!

Thank you, Dywane! The pleasure was all ours.

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