Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Author Patricia Dow

Author Patricia Dow

Tell us a little bit about you outside of being an author.

I Love to have fun by the Waters, and write, and sit on a bench at the Park by the Waters, and look at the Skies, the Clouds, the Birds, and all Loves beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis.

What is your earliest writing memory?

I remember when I was around sixteen I wrote poetry that was usually the negative side of life, like my man leaving me, feelings of being in bondage with un-natural sources of thought. I also found out that my negative issues of my style of poetry back then usually came true, so for a long time, I stopped writing....until positive thought and insight, guided my pen.

Describe your writing style.

My writing styles, vary with my mood or surrounding thoughts, so I don't have the same writing style, but similar writing tones.

Tell us a little bit about your work in progress and/or your upcoming release.

I have two works in progress right now, I am trying to get my children’s book series published, and I am also writing another book of my unique style of poetry.

Poetry can evoke deep emotions for the reader, as the poet, what emotions do you feel when you are creating a piece?

I try to focus of Love all the time, unless I read something that invokes a serious thought for the empowerment of the people.

Give me one to four lines of a poem you wrote that will make us go hmmm.

"Why do you write with such a fervent style?""For it is a gift of the Pen, that I hold before thy sight"

I’m a big believer that word of mouth creates more sales than advertisements. Let’s say we’re standing at a bus stop and I’ve never read any of your poetry before, how would approach me and persuade me to purchase your book?

I would say to you to purchase, a book of mine, Do you really want to know the real insight to Life? Read this book I've written, it's really a "mind’s eye" opener.

I consider myself a tough critic when reviewing books. What would you do if you received a mediocre or less than average rating from a reviewer or reader?

I would think the critic hasn't obtained to the height level of Love, that I've reached, or the critic is "book whipped" and Love anyway.

What poets/poems inspire you most?

The correct Height, in Love Poems inspires me the most.

If you could change one thing you did during your road to publication, what would it be and what would you have done different?

On my road through Publication, I think I would have spent more time researching more traditional publishers.

What advice would you give an aspiring poet regarding publishing?

The advice I would give to other aspiring poets, always think your work is great, and it will be, and the Publishers will think this way too.

Where can readers learn more about you and your book(s)?

Right now I am on BlackPlanet.com, but soon I will have a link on there to go to my own website.

Patricia, thank you fr taking time out to share with us. Many blessing in your future endeavors.

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